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WCIF Twojeff's hacks?

Simbology gives back a 404 :(

I'm trying to find the "No friends needed for careers".

Thanks ¡¡¡

BTW: I'm also looking for an old hack I had before my DL folder disappeared: I could reserve a certain bed to a certain Sim. Any info?

How can I start a hood with no townies in it? And then how do I populate the hood with pixel-trade sims? Fron CAS? Thanks in advance!!

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NPC Challenge: Depiesse-Trasher

I have started my NPC Challenge. These are my results so far:

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Thinking about another Townie Challenge

I've been re-reading my Townie Challenge and I think I will start another one and see the difference. Or perhaps I will do it with another hood's townies. I'll see.

Simming again after a long time

I've been out of simming for some time, due to the birth of my son, who is 8 mo. now. I can hardly play nowadays because he absorbs all my free time but I have started The Sims2 again.

Visited some LJ blogs, first of all Leenyland. I love Leeny's stories. She is currently playing a BACC Legacy called Bad Wolf Bay. I have DL her Sims and started playing them. I forgot I had to DL a clean template, so I have townies everywhere.

Also the Roswell brother and sister are not brother and sister in my game as I forgot to name them so. They are in love LOL. I made Heather move out for the sake of the story. Oh, and Alistair is gay.

I've got my Sims3 game at home but haven't played more than once, when I just got it. Don't like it at all. One year after my dropout from playing I see all the sims from TS3 are as ugly and similar looking as before. Don't like them at all.

I'll stick to my Sims 2.

Brandi Queen Bee

I love Brandi Broke and have done some Simsperiments with her in the past. The last one couldn't be updated because of a computer crash. Anyway I'm back playing TS2 (I got TS3 but didn't like it at all). I'm doing different things in my new hood, Hidden Hollow. One of them is a recreation of the Roberts family, back at leenyland. I'm trying to see for myself if the same parents have the same kids in different games.

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The Broke Experiment 2

Here we go with the new kids in Brandi's home.




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The Broke Experiment

I'd been thinking about starting this experiment for a long time. Somebody suggested it in some forum: make Brandi Broke have babies with the walk-by townies and check the results. So I decided to do it twice: the Broke Experiment and the Lothario Experiment. I had both extracted in my game. This are the first 4 babies for Brandi, all of them boys.

This is beautiful Brandi, after her makeover:




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Ok, this is a genetic experiment. So, as I have reached the point when there are only 4 parents (Apricot, Clementine, Tangelo and Melon) and each couple could only have one child, I thought: could I have them mixed children? I mean, Apricot is Tangelo's wife and mother to Jaume and Clem is Melon's wife and mother to Fiona, but which kind of offspring would they have if I have Apricot get pregnant with Melon's child? And Clem with Tangelo's child? If you want to know, read on.

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Apricot and Tangelo will be the parents of #2 Townie Challenge heir, the Dad of the one and only Townie descendant.

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