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The Broke Experiment

I'd been thinking about starting this experiment for a long time. Somebody suggested it in some forum: make Brandi Broke have babies with the walk-by townies and check the results. So I decided to do it twice: the Broke Experiment and the Lothario Experiment. I had both extracted in my game. This are the first 4 babies for Brandi, all of them boys.

This is beautiful Brandi, after her makeover:




She's so happy eating in her new home, with butler, maid and gardener:


Talin Depiesse is the first walkby

Wow, the lullaby:

First baby: Tirso Depiesse-Broke

Who happens to be a clone of Brandi:

On to baby #2. Yep, Mr Cox:

Lullaby again:

And Martín is born:

Yep, Mr Tellerman. That Tellerman

Tirso is a kid:

And Martín is a toddler:

A little lunch talk:

And here it is: baby #3, Bosco Tellerman-Broke

All of Brandi's babies are very similar looking, and they look after her. George McCarthy, grown up, is Brandi's live-in boyfriend, and he will be the father of baby #4:

Brandi is a good mom:

Mario McCarthy-Broke is born, another boy:

And Brandi has to drink lots of elixir to keep this experiment going:

Birthday for Martín:

And for Tirso, who turns out to be a hottie and rolls Fortune:

Even his Dad visits him on his birthday:

And then has a small Father-child talk, over lunch: