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NPC Challenge: Depiesse-Trasher

I have started my NPC Challenge. These are my results so far:

LEO DEPIESSE AND THORA TRASHER. This is the first couple Thora Trasher wasn't the one designed for Leo, but she appeared via the Summoner and I kept her.

And this is ADELA Depiesse-Trasher. Not very pretty and very similar to Dad.

GEORGE MCCARTHY and DAGMAR BERTINO made the second couple. I thought they would make beautiful kids. Another girl for them.

Meet Bruna McCarthy-Bertino

The third couple is LUCY HANBY and REMINGTON HARRIS. I forgot to take a pic of them both after-makeover. They had twins, horrible twins: CIRO AND CESAR.

I'll have to choose one of the twins for the effects of the genetic challenge, so I guess I will choose the better looking, Cesar.